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Why Choose Products Transfer, LLC

For over 40 years, Products Transfer has processed millions of tons of bulk and packaged products for various industries, including agriculture, steel, dry chemicals, and catalyst recovery ... There is no substitute for experience. 

We deliver the optimal transferring and processing of your products utilizing 
  Ship, Barge, Rail, or Truck In
 Bags, Drums, on Pallets, or Bulk, 

Each Product processed is Specialized. From packaging, routing, and timing, we listen to your needs and we provide you with the most viable options. 

You will find, like our valued customers, that Products Transfer, LLC is an integral part of your supply chain. 


Multiple facilities with over 40000 sq ft of space available for your storage requirements plus outside hard surfaced pad space. 

Bulk Transloading

Our facilities are equipped to efficiently  transfer products such as metal,  alloys, cokes and carbons.


Blending is a specialized skill.  Since we have been in business, we have developed this skill with great specializations in the cokes, alloys, metals field and catalysts. 


We specialize in metals, alloys, cokes, and dry chemical powders but after more than 40 years we have processed many materials.   

Every Product Transfer is Specialized. 

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You Choose the Delivery Method

Rail, Barge, Truck 

We handle your intermodal 
and packaging requirements

Bag, Drum, Tote, Trailer